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  There are two daring daylight robberies at the Northern Westchester Bank. The first occurs on February 5th, netting Mel Vandenbush, the Public Rat#1, $17,626 - the money was later recovered in full. The second robbery, taking place shortly after noon on Friday, March 12, shocks the community and is front page news in local, county, and NYC newspapers. The robbers are captured in a little Nebraska town by the local sheriff on April 16th.

I remember....

Phelanrb@aol.com wrote:

June 27, 1998


I lived in Katonah most of my school day's, graduated high school in '39. I

can remember when the bank was robbed at noon in 1937 as the kids came back to

school with some gun shells. Later that same day I thought they caught the

robbers in Armonk, as I recall they did not know the area very well and they

took route 22 to get back to the city.


R Bruce Phelan


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